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Beginning from 2015 the periodicity of the research journal has been updated as follows: No. 1 - February, No. 2 - April, No. 3 - June, No. 4 - August, No. 5 - October, No. 6 - December.
ELEKTRONIKA IR ELEKTROTECHNIKA is a peer-reviewed bimonthly research journal of Kaunas University of Technology.
The research journal ELEKTRONIKA IR ELEKTROTECHNIKA publishes previously unpublished high scientific level articles imposed not only for specialists but also to the wider public. Major fields of interest include electronics and communications, electric energy, instrumentation and control, and automation.

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Vol 22, No 5 (2016)

Table of Contents

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Fuzzy Logic Control of Soft-Switching DC-DC Converter PDF
Martin Leso, Jaroslava Zilkova, Marek Pastor, Jaroslav Dudrik 3 - 7
Performance Comparison of Particle Swarm Optimization, Differential Evolution and Artificial Bee Colony Algorithms for Fuzzy Modelling of Nonlinear Systems PDF
Mehmet Konar, Aytekin Bagis 8 - 13
Speed and Direction Angle Control of Four Wheel Drive Skid-Steered Mobile Robot by Using Fractional Order PI Controller PDF
Kamil Orman, Abdullah Basci, Adnan Derdiyok 14 - 19


Load Flow Computations in Different Coordinate Systems for a Power System with UPFC PDF
Tomasz Okon, Kazimierz Wilkosz 20 - 25
Applicability of a Hall Sensor in Directional Ground Fault Protections of MV Cable Networks with No-Effective Earthing PDF
Marcin Habrych, Bogdan Miedzinski, Xin Wang 26 - 31
A Comparison of Heuristic Methods for Optimum Power Flow Considering Valve Point Effect PDF
Ahmet Dogan, Tankut Yalcinoz, Mustafa Alci 32 - 37
Angle Tracking Observer for Filtering Rotor Position Estimates in Sensorless Electric Drives PDF
Leszek Jarzebowicz, Maciej Cisek, Artur Opalinski 38 - 41


Numerical Approach to Processing of Biomechanical Experimental Results PDF
Audrone Dumciene, Saule Sipaviciene 42 - 45
Wireless Network Node to Monitor Stress in Steel Structures PDF
Bogdan Dziadak, Mateusz Siek 46 - 51


Differential Second-Order Voltage-Mode All-Pass Filter Using Current Conveyors PDF
Jaroslav Koton, Norbert Herencsar, Jiun-Wei Horng 52 - 57
Impact of Transformer Design on Flyback Converter Voltage Spikes PDF
Edvardas Bielskis, Algirdas Baskys, Martynas Sapurov 58 - 61
Surface and Underground Water Level Monitoring Using Wireless Sensor Node with Energy Harvesting Support PDF
Zivorad Mihajlovic, Vladimir Milosavljevic, Ana Joza, Vladimir Rajs, Mirjana Damnjanovic, Milos Zivanov 62 - 68


Design, Fabrication and Testing of Surface Micromachined CMUTs for Surface and Interface Waves PDF
Evaldas Sapeliauskas, Dovydas Barauskas, Gailius Vanagas, Donatas Pelenis, Darius Viržonis 69 - 73


Robustness of the Prediction Filter in Differential Pulse Code Modulation System PDF
Nikola B. Dankovic, Zoran H. Peric, Dragan S. Antic, Stanisa Lj. Peric, Sasa S. Nikolic 74 - 78
Analysis of Closing-to-Opening Phase Ratio in Top-to-Bottom Glottal Pulse Segmentation for Psychological Stress Detection PDF
Miroslav Stanek, Milan Sigmund 79 - 83
Postural Symmetry Evaluation Using Wavelet Correlation Coefficients Calculated for the Follow-Up Posturographic Trajectories PDF
Tomasz Lukaszewicz, Zenon Kidon, Dariusz Kania, Krystyna Pethe-Kania 84 - 88


Optimization of the Design of Multifrequency Annular Arrays for Very Wide Band Operation PDF
Jorge Topete Garcia, Tomas Gomez Alvarez-Arenas 89 - 93
Reviewers PDF

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731