Elektronika ir Elektrotechnika

ELEKTRONIKA IR ELEKTROTECHNIKA is a peer-reviewed bimonthly research journal of Kaunas University of Technology.
The research journal ELEKTRONIKA IR ELEKTROTECHNIKA publishes previously unpublished high scientific level articles imposed not only for specialists but also to the wider public. Major fields of interest include electronics and communications, electric energy, instrumentation and control, and automation.

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Vol 23, No 6 (2017)

Table of Contents

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ABC Algorithm Based PID Controller Design for Higher Order Oscillatory Systems PDF
Aytekin Bagis, Halit Senberber 3-9
Utility of Statistical Model Checking of Stochastic Hybrid Automata for Patient Controlled Analgesia PDF
Darius Naujokaitis, Henrikas Pranevicius, Vytautas Pilkauskas, Osvaldas Pranevicius, Mindaugas Pranevicius 10-18


Two Stage Data Fusion of Acoustic, Electric and Vibration Signals for Diagnosing Faults in Induction Motors PDF
Anna Stief, James R. Ottewill, Michal Orkisz, Jerzy Baranowski 19-24
Power Quality Measurement and Analysis in Electric Arc Furnace for Turkish Electricity Transmission System PDF
Mustafa Seker, Arif Memmedov, Rafael Huseyinov, Serdar Kockanat 25-33
Analysis and Optimization of Coupled Windings in Magnetic Resonant Wireless Power Transfer Systems with Orthogonal Experiment Method PDF
Xiao Yudi, Mao Xingkui, Lin Mao, Zhang Zhe, Michael A. E. Andersen 34-39


Downhill Speed Control of In-Wheel Motor During Regenerative Braking PDF
Raif Bayır, Tuncay Soylu 40-45


Universal Pseudo-Differential Filter Using DDCC and DVCCs PDF
Ondrej Sladok, Jaroslav Koton, Norbert Herencsar 46-52


Analysis of Hardware Induced Receiver Synchronization Error, Caused by Differences in Manufacturer Specific Transmission Hardware Algorithms PDF
Simas Joneliunas, Stasys V. Augutis, Darius Gailius 53-58
Unsupervised Feature Mapping via Stacked Sparse Autoencoder for Automated Detection of Large Pulmonary nodules in CT Images PDF
Anindya Gupta, Tonis Saar, Olev Martens, Yannick Le Moullec 59-63
A Real-Time Parallel Image Processing Approach on Regular PCs with Multi-Core CPUs PDF
Huseyin Atasoy, Esen Yildirim, Serdar Yildirim, Yakup Kutlu 64-71
A Converging Distributed Positioning Algorithm for Internet-of-Things PDF
Kazimieras Bagdonas, Nerijus Jusas, Algimantas Venckauskas 72-76


The Automatic Radio Transmission Systems Recognition PDF
Leszek Nowosielski, Bogdan Uljasz 77-84
Investigation of Dual-Pump FOPA Performance in a 4-Channel 40 Gbps WDM Transmission System PDF
Sergejs Olonkins, Vladislavs Bickovs, Toms Salgals, Vjaceslavs Bobrovs, Girts Ivanovs 85-89
Reviewers PDF

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731